How To Avoid Losing Your Money In Initial coin Offering (Ico)

How To Avoid Losing Your Money In Initial coin Offering (Ico)

With the increase of blockchain technology and its expansion into many areas, startups are heavily started on a new fundraising system, Ico or Initial Coin Offering, an unorganized way to raise money for a new digital currency project. The initial currency ico is used by start-ups to bypass the strict and orderly capital collection process required by capital or bank owners.

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Bear in mind that the fundraising process is unregulated, it may carry a risk to investors. Therefore, You must take some necessary precautions and check any Ico project well before investing into it, regardless of the type of project.

How can I check any Ico project before investing into it?

Ico offers vary from one company to another and the goals of these companies are also different.
1. These companies concerning more on advertising and on the discounts in their “tokens” price.
2. The important thing in any Ico project is to know who are the sponsors of the project and what their qualifications and skills.
3. You must know who are the supporting brands
4. Study the white paper and the project as a whole and also what is the Initial coin Offering (Ico) road map that their team will follow.

How to know about the best and most important Ico projects?

Strong Ico projects appear quickly regardless of the type of project, with the presence of senior supporters, a well-known professional team, a white paper and a roadmap.
There are already many projects that have introduced the successful Ico and have taken their place in the world of digital currencies such as Cardano, Iota, Eos and other digital currencies that have been very profitable.

How to identify weak or scam Ico projects?

Usually, these projects do not have the elements of success that we have previously discussed. Usually, developers are unknown or have no experience in coding or there is a project that is illogical with a weak white paper that does not explain the project well.
The important thing is to get away from the suspicious or unconvincing Ico projects to avoid losing your money.

What are the benefits of investing in the initial coin offers (Ico)?

What you will gain from the investment in the initial coin offering Ico can be divided into three:
First: to take advantages of all the offers of the project, as you are engaged in a specific club, the club card entitlement gives you the right to benefit from all the services provided by the club. Which you pay in the currency project and benefit from what the project platform offers.
Second: If you have invested or bought the currency and have won a bonus, you can wait some time after Ico completion, the project team launches currency trading in different trading platforms, you can sell your coin quantity at a higher price.
Third: After the launch of the final project, and the currency is traded, day by day, the value of the currency increases and you can profit many doubles than your invested money.

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